Nicholas Assef and His Photography Roots

October 22, 2016
Art can be such an important part of the development of a child. In the case of Nicholas Assef, his dad introduced him to photography when he was a young child. Once he developed his skill, he was able to use the then state of the art Minolta 101 to earn his first few dollars taking pics at a medical convention and was instantly in love with photography. Since then, that camera has been on more than a few adventures including traveling through the Americas, Middle East Asia and the Pacific. The old Minolta warhorse still sits proudly on his shelf, but has been replaced by superior developed technology. He currently shoot digital with a Canon 1DX and in film (particularly Panoramic) with a Hasselblad XPAN 2. While he utilizes technology to the best of its abilities, Nicholas Assef believes in keeping the integrity of the photograph through minimal retouching and enhancements.

Lincoln Crowne & Company Is Based Out Of Australia

March 24, 2016
Nick Assef has proven that he is a businessman who understands the corporate world. His work as the Chairman of Lincoln Crowne & Company has allowed him to display his effectiveness in dealing with corporate issues and problems. Nick Assef has helped to make that company a well respected part of the corporate landscape in Australia. Lincoln Crowne & Company specializes in helping both domestic and international corporations to solve their issues and disputes. This is something the company has a great deal of experience with. They offer a fresh pair of eyes for problems and often find the solution quickly. Regardless of what the specific problem is, how big or small the company is, or where it is located, they will receive the same high quality services Lincoln Crowne & Company offers to every client.

Lincoln Crowne & Company is based out of Australia, but they work with corporation from both inside the country and from outside their borders. Nick Assef has worked to ensure that every client working with Lincoln Crowne & Company has a great experience and sees their issues resolved, quickly and effectively. Nick Assef is committed to a high standard of services and it shows through the company's interactions with their clients.

Nicholas Assef and the Lincoln Crowne & company

February 08, 2016
The Lincoln Crowne & Company (LCC) - an independent boutique investment bank and strategic corporate advisory firm in Sydney was founded by Nicholas Assef. The company operates in Australia and Southeast Asia with its headquarters in Sydney and Hong Kong.  The Lincoln Crowne & company provide mergers and acquisitions and corporate strategy development services. It also offers securities agreement, competitive landscape analysis services, and market entry tactic development. It has also played a great role in advising companies on financial matters.

Over the last twelve months, it is estimated that the firm has advised on an approximate of A$500m (EV) in completed and pending M & A transactions. Its major clients include Nokia Siemens Networks, Australian Pacific Coal, yahoo, EQUINIX, BBC, and CPM. The company currently has twenty employees.

Lincoln Crowne & Company has been a member of United Nations global compact since2009 making several contributions ever since. Under the leadership of its executive of the chairman Mr. Assef, Lincoln Crowne & company have spearheaded developments such as the wind and solar merger and the United Nations global compact. Through MS Gong Ride, the company has contributed towards a program that aimed to raise $3800000 for people with multiple sclerosis. It has also been involved in research initiatives. In 2013, it announced the expansion of its existing Australian & South East Asian industry research initiatives.