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Nicholas Assef and His Photography Roots

October 22, 2016
Art can be such an important part of the development of a child. In the case of Nicholas Assef, his dad introduced him to photography when he was a young child. Once he developed his skill, he was able to use the then state of the art Minolta 101 to earn his first few dollars taking pics at a medical convention and was instantly in love with photography. Since then, that camera has been on more than a few adventures including traveling through the Americas, Middle East Asia and the Pacific. The old Minolta warhorse still sits proudly on his shelf, but has been replaced by superior developed technology. He currently shoot digital with a Canon 1DX and in film (particularly Panoramic) with a Hasselblad XPAN 2. While he utilizes technology to the best of its abilities, Nicholas Assef believes in keeping the integrity of the photograph through minimal retouching and enhancements.